Monday, September 3, 2012


Scrap Quilt WIP by crazymimisews
Scrap Quilt WIP, a photo by crazymimisews on Flickr.
This weekend I am busy quilting ADD style. I have four projects going on at the same time.This is not my usual style. I am typically a one project at a time kind of girl so it does make me a little nervous working this way but I will have to say it's nice to be able to switch to another project if I get bored with one. Maybe this will be my new normal...maybe not.

Up first project # 1: A little scrap quilt to manage the overflowing scrap bins in my sewing room. I love me a good scrap quilt. As far as I am concerned this mean it's a free project! FREE, now that's what I am talking 'bout!

I hope that you are having a safe Labor Day weekend! I am enjoying mine very much!