Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing...Jennifer from Glinda Quilts

Today I am starting a new feature on my blog where I will introduce you to a new or new to me blogger. First up I would like to introduce you to a great blogger and quilter named Jennifer that blogs over at Glinda's Quilts. She stumbled upon my blog and once I went to her blog I realized that we have a lot in common and I felt an instant connection to this sweet lady.

Go by & check out her blog and tell her I sent you! She will be glad to see you!

ME: So tell us Jennifer, when did you begin quilting and how did you get started?
Jennifer: I began quilting in January 2010 when we visited friends in Yorkshire.  Whilst our husbands went to watch a football match, Penny showed me her sewing room. She is a prolific and academic quilter (she's passed exams and all sorts of courses) and she showed me how to rotary cut and sew a 1/4" seam ... I was pretty rubbish at first and it took me hours and hours of practice to master the basics. I cant believe how far I've come since that humble start! 

ME: When do you quilt & where?
Jennifer: In my loft. I'm really lucky to have a sewing room where I can lose myself in all things quilting and forget about the real world. I quilt in the evenings after work and at the weekends. I've been known to be up there at 7am on a Saturday whilst hubby is still sleeping!

ME: Do you have any favorite fabric manufacturers, designers or fabric lines?
Jennifer: That's a toughie ... All fabric is a pleasure but if you're going to push me - I love Moda, Makower and Michael Miller ... All the Ms! And any fabric if it's pink :)

ME: What current project(s) are you working on?
Jennifer: I have started two lap quilts this week. The first is for my husband's cousin who lives in Harrisburg, PA. the second is for my dear Aunt. She is very kind to me and bought my Juki sewing machine for me last year so I couldn't refuse when she looked on my blog yesterday then emailed a request for a lap quilt :) 

ME : Can you tell us about the “Pants Bag” that you make and how it came to be?
Jennifer: I love making my "Pants Bags" - it started at the beginning of my sewing life when I didn't dare to believe I could sew anything bigger! I made them to practice rotary cutting and piecing. Everyone loves them for their holidays cos you don't have to unpack your clean drawers and put them in dirty drawers! I've definitely improved since my first one (I think I've made about 40 now for family and friends and have even been paid for a couple ... Yay!) and this is one of my most recent:

ME: Do you have an all-time favorite project that you have made or maybe one that was the most challenging, or that you are most proud of?
Jennifer:  Gosh, another toughie: I had to ask my husband and he said 'you love them all for different reasons'. Technically, I think 'USA #5' was the most challenging as it was on point and took me a while to design and, collectively,  the whole 5 x USA quilts were very special because I made them with my late great-aunt's fabric. 

ME : Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you or your quilting? 
Jennifer: I'm a perfectionist and impatient ... If I can learn to quilt, anyone can!  
I really want to get better at blogging so that I can enjoy the online community a bit more. I'm more nervous of making a mistake with my blog posts than I am with my quilting! I am so thankful to all the clever quilters and bloggers out there ... I find you all so incredibly talented and inspiring ... thank you :)

Isn't she a doll. I love her "Pants Bag" and I will never look at my vacation undies the same! LOL Thanks for stopping by and reading my first of many interviews! Don't forget to stop by & see Jennifer at Glinda's Quilts


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  1. Thanks Tonya :) reading this whilst sat in a smoky bar listening to blues in Amsterdam! Bought some fabby fabric in the market today which I'll post tomorrow. Life is good!!