Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Michael Miller Ta Dots

Michael Miller Ta Dots by crazymimisews
Michael Miller Ta Dots, a photo by crazymimisews on Flickr.
I found a great online sale on Michael Miller Ta Dots and one Amy Butler dot and since I had made me a fat stack of cash making 2 Crown Royal bag quilts for a friend, I decided to splurge.


That's over 30 yards of fabric goodness there! What am I going to do with all of these dots you may ask, well that's easy...anything I want! I love them! I want to spread them on the floor & roll in them but in the interest of hygiene I will refrain.

These lovelies arrived in the mail on a day that Mr. Mimi was off work and I was so afraid that he would hear the UPS man before I did but I got lucky. Now normally I have a "Welcome Home" routine for my new fabric. They don't get just shoved into the stash cabinet. They get a loving caress and then I open up the stash cabinet & introduce them to the neighborhood, we have a little block party (if you will) and then they can select their new home. With Mr. Mimi home and hot on my heels, I have to just shove them rudely into the sewing room and close the door until later when we could have our time for our ritual.

Anywho, all is well now. They are properly introduced/debuted to the rest of the cabinet and have selected some nice temporary homes.



  1. You are too funny, Tonya! And now I am making ooooh aaaaah noises at my iPhone whilst drooling over your new purchases ... the other commuters are giving me funny looks LOL :)

    1. Glinda, I made those same noises while I was selecting them, opening the package & then caressing them! The other commuters are just jealous of the lovely fabric porn that you are enjoying! Just wait, I have some more lovelies to introduce later this week that will have you drooling even more! :)

    2. Thanks for the advanced warning - I'll make sure I'm not in a public place when I come to drool!!!

    3. Yes, Ma'am you will totally want some time alone! LOL
      & BTW Quilt Twin...I have a proposal for you. Send me an email at tonyagon@swbell.net if you are interested in the proposal(s).

  2. Replies
    1. I think it's easy to tell what my favorite basic is...:)