Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Challenge for Mimi

Have you seen the scrap vomit quilts all over the place?

Like this one...
 Or this one?
I love them! I have an overflowing scrap bin and have been wanting to make a postage stamp quilt for a while. So...

My plan is to make a scrap vomit block per day from now until December 2013 as I work on other projects. If I can stick to this goal, I can have not one but nine queen sized scrap vomit quilts to give as gifts next Christmas! WOW!

The rules:
1. All fabric must come from my scrap bins (with the exception of the backing fabric and the solids).
2. I must make one block per day beginning today, 10/10/12.
3. All quilts must be made of 49 each 14 inch blocks in order to be queen sized.
4. None of the completed quilts can be given away prior to Christmas 2013.
5. None of the intended recipients of these quilts can know about the project. secret!

Wish me luck in my new adventure and check back on Fridays between now and December 2013 for updates on the project. Anyone interested in joining me? Maybe on a smaller making one?



  1. You are seriously mad, QT!! A vomit block a day ... EVERY DAY?!? I am going to watch with admiration - will definitely join you on the smaller scale (got sooooooooo many scraps too - though might use them for my FWQ ... can't make up my mind) - where do I start?

    1. I see you've discovered the "crazy" part of the Crazy Mimi! LOL If I issue a challenge for myself, I always make it nuts! I would love it if you join me, in any way. As far as how my "OCD" self would handle the FWQ....that's easy...start on page 1, story 1, and then work forward. That's why I am not doing one yet. Even as a little girl when I received a new coloring book and it had a page I could not wait to color I did not let myself just color it. I had to color every page until I got to it! I do not know why I still do that to myself. Maybe it's the love of anticipation. :) Good luck to you on your project. I can't wait to watch your progress.