Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Sister's Gift

Earlier this week I showed you the baby quilt I made for a friend's new granddaughter but I wanted to make a little something for older sister before I sent the gift. I was told that the little two year old really loves her leap pad so I made her this...

A little purse to hold her leap pad and the accessories. Every little girl needs a purse.
I used a chocolate colored pin dot for the lining of the zipper pocket. This was the first time that I have sewn a zipper and actually had it look right. Yay me!
I used some of the lovely Ta Dot fabric for the lining. I used interfacing and quilt batting to pad this. This little baby has plenty of padding to stand up to the abuse that a two year old can dish out.

Now I can mail this out to my friend for her lovely granddaughter's to enjoy!



  1. Beautiful work, Tonya - I need to learn how to sew a zipper too - was it really easy??

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! Actually once I got my mind (OMG...zippers are so scary) out of the way, it was very easy! You should give it a try. I am sure you will be pleased!